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North West England Diving Services To Construction And Industry

North West England Diving Contractors 
Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors North West England provide marine and commercial diving services in North West England and nationwide across the UK.
  • As a leading North West England diving contractor our underwater services are available for the purposes of underwater inspection, underwater maintenance, underwater repair, underwater demolition, underwater construction and water safety.
  • Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors are a specialist commercial diving contractor providing the professional know how for any underwater construction, inspection, maintenance and repair project to both the inshore and offshore industries nationwide.
    Our commercial divers in North West England provide underwater construction and demolition services and are available for any marine or underwater project at a moments notice.
  •  East Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors specialise in providing underwater services for NDT (non destructive testing), underwater inspection and surveys, maintenance and repair (IRM) underwater engineering, welding, demolition and construction.

  • Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors provide the following specialist diving services nationwide:

    Underwater inspection maintenance and repair
    Commercial safety boat hire and rescue boat services
    Confined space inspection maintenance and repair
     Commercial work boat charter and work boat services
    Water environment projects scour protection and prevention
    Hull inspections and surveys underwater repairs and cleaning
    Scour and abutment surveys maintenance & repair
    Wind wave tidal and sub sea turbines
  • Our diving services are available across the following North West England regions:
  • Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside
  • Please feel free to contact Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors for a friendly chat and any advice on our underwater services.
  •  Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors services include:

  • Diving Contractors
  •  Safety Boat Hire
  •  Crew Transfer Boats
  •  Tug And Tow Boat Rentals
  •  Work Boat Leasing And Hire
  • Offshore Diving Services
  • Rescue RIBs And Rescue Boat Services
  •  MCA Coded And Commercially Endorsed Vessels
  •  Underwater Services
  •  Rescue Boat Srevices
  •  Confined Space and Difficult Access Services
  •  Roped Access
  •  Support Boats
  •  Marine Construction
  • Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors North West England diving services cover some of  the following areas:
  • Bridge Construction, Culverts, Jetty Repairs, Ports, Oil Refineries, Dock Maintenance, Rivers, Inland Waterways, Reservoirs, Canals, Lakes, Harbours, Coastal Estuaries, Pipelines, Oil Rigs and Offshore Platforms, Dolphin Berths and Moorings, Swimming Pools, Aeration Pipes, Renewable Energy, Offshore Windfarms, Marine Structure Inspection, Pontoons, Dry Docks, Underwater Examinations, Water Tanks, Chemical Tanks, Sub Sea Piplines, Salvage,Power Stations, Nuclear Power Stations, Water Pumping Stations, Dams, Vessels, Out Falls, Fuel Tanks, River Walls, Intakes, Sewage Plants, Ships,  Lock Chambers, Shipping and Vessels, Weirs and Locks And Lock Gates, Retaining Walls, Tidal Barrages, Mooring Chains, Syphon's, Construction Sites, Inshore and Offshore


Some of Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors commercial diving and inspection services include:

Marine Salvage And Recovery Of Lost Items
Underwater Demolition
Subsea Marine Engineering & Shipping
Supplying Diving Personnel, Equipment & Plant.
Diving Inspections & Surveys
Offshore Platforms - Divers Decommissioning

Construction & Maintenance of Offshore Wind Farms & Sub-sea Turbines

Maintenance & Installation of Hydro Electric Turbines
ROV & CCTV Surveys
Underwater NDT / Corrosion Trends & Predictions
Principle Bridge Inspections
Abroad Projects - Underwater Engineers
 Subsea Inspections, Maintenance & Repair
Cygnus / Tritex Underwater Ultrasonic Thickness Meter Readings
Sub-sea Ultrathermic Cutting, Coded Welders /Welding & Drilling
Concreting, Shuttering & Burning

Cathodic Protection sacrificial anodes impressed current systems CCTV Video & Magnetic Particle Inspections
Recovery of Lost Goods Cargo's & Lots
Lloyds & CSWIP written reports five.1U, five.2U NDT
Civil Marine Engineering
Structural Destroy, Scour & Structural SurveysOffshore Barge Decommissioning
Protective Coatings: Paint, Epoxies, Protective Wraps
Rov, Cw Systems, Pump & Chamber Inspections, Penstocks & Valves
Hazmat diving sewage & chemical tanks
Nuclear Diving: Changing Nuclear Rods, In Water Inspections.
 Installation & Inspections, Scour InspectionUnderwater Cleaning & Debris Removal
Underwater Filming & Video

Salvage & Recovery - Vessels Vehicles & Lost Items
Structural Repairs & MaintenanceAnode Inspections,

Anode Repairs & Installations
Seal Changes & Replacements
Outfall Clearing
Anode & Cathode Surveys

Emergency Call Out
Ship Services - Hull Scrubbing Propeller Clearance & Polishing
Renewable Energy: Inspection, Repair, Maintenance (I R M) Services, J & I Tube

For further information on our commercial divers and North West England underwater services please contact Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors.

Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors - Diving And Rescue Boat Services

Specialist Commercial Diving And Marine Services

Commercial Diving And Safety Boat Hire

Safety BoatsUnderwater Services - Rescue RIBs - Marine Services

 Welcome to Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors the UK's first choice for commercial diving, vessel hire and specialist marine services.

Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors are a specialist marine provider of commercial diving, marine and safety boat services to the inshore and offshore sectors across the United Kingdom.
Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors services include:

Diving Contractors

Safety Boat Hire

Crew Transfer Boats

Tug And Tow Boat Rentals

Work Boat Leasing And Hire

Diving Services

Rescue RIBs And Rescue Boat Services

Safety Boat Services

MCA Coded And Commercially Endorsed Vessels

Underwater Services

Rescue Boat Srevices

Confined Space and Difficult Access Services

Roped Access

Support Boats

Marine Construction

Nationwide Safety Boat Hire

Safety Boat Hire And Safety Boat Services

Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors are a leading commercial work boat and safety boat operator providing rescue RIBs, work vessels, safety boats and marine safety services within Scotland, England and Wales.

Our fleet of MCA coded safety boats and rescue RIBs have been passed as highly stable craft by the Maritime And Coastguard Agency making them ideal for any rescue operation. All our safety boats are Solas safety equipped and available with fully qualified crew.

 Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors
 safety boats are available for hire at short notice to assist with any construction, scaffolding or civil engineering projects. In addition we are well placed and regularly provide safety cover and assistance for sporting, media, entertainment, filming and event management projects.

Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors provide safety boat cover in accordance with uk rescue boat regulations and approved rescue boat codes of practice.

Our water safety services department provide rescue boat operations and safety boats for any demanding marine environment including inshore shallows or difficult offshore locations.

Safety Boat Hire - Work Boat Leasing - Rescue RIBs

Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors provide small rescue boat inflatables and safety boats with minimal draft to assist with protecting workmen who are working on projects near or over shallow waters with difficult access. 

Our larger craft are fast manoeuvrable RIBs making them ideal for rescue and safety boat operations in open water.


 Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors inshore and offshore maritime services operate a variety of safety boats and crew transfer vessels throughout the U.K.  

Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors offer very competitive prices for work, rescue and safety boat hire services in the UK.



Professional Diving And Commercial Diving Contractors 

Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors commercial diving and marine services are co-ordinated by highly skilled commercial divers and underwater specialists who have a sound understanding of any diving and marine environments, with unrivalled experience and know how in marine and commercial diving operations including civil and marine engineering, subsea inspections,  inland and coastal waterways, bridges and culverts, underwater research and construction, shipping, oil gas and renewable energy sectors.

Commercial Diving Contractors Providing Diving Services From Man Riding Basket For Underwater Services

Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors engage the latest marine technology and equipment available for any diving and marine engineering projects and can provide professional commercial dive teams for as long as any marine project requires.




Confined Spaces Entry And Confined Space Rescue

Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors are a professional confined space entry and access contractor offering confined space access and confined space entry services for surveys,inspections, maintenance, repairs, cleaning and construction.

U.K. confined spaces regulations 1997 

The UK Health and Safety confined space regulations 1997 state:

"confined Space" means any place, including any chamber, tank, vat, silo, pit, trench, pipe, sewer, flue, wall or other similar space in which, by virtue of its enclosed nature, there arises a reasonably foreseeable specified risk.

 Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors confined space entry and confined space access personnel are all certified in confined spaces rescue procedures and BA sets in addition to any technical or engineering qualifications.



Marine Security

Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors are specialist marine and maritime security experts providing 24 Hr high level marine security cover for any purpose nationwide.

Marine Security Services And Safety Boats

All our marine security personnel are ex military and current working commercial divers.

Our marine security guards will patrol all water boundaries and if necessary engage with our fast manoeuvrable power boats both day and night.



Please feel free to contact Diving And Safety Boat Hire Contractors for a friendly chat and any advice on our safety boat and diving services.






30/07/17 Thames Safety Boat Services

We are operating safety boat hire services in central London on the river Thames. Our safety boats are equipped with the latest safety and rescue equipment as required under the Port Of London Authority PLA. Our crews all hold commercially endorsed certification and our vessels are licensed under the PLA.


For further information on Safety Boat Hire Services commercial divers and safety boat hire services please visit our main home page or contact a friendly member of our maritime services or underwater services team.

Safety Boat Hire Services are a SAFETY first marine contractor delivering any project on time and on budget SAFELY 

















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